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Bogdan Gudenko

Billiards is an amazing and exciting sport. But those who believe it is a sport, but not an entertainment on every couple of months with a cup of beer, have long been aware that it is not a cheap kind of sport. For comfortable game you need a good cue, proper table and, of course, the chalk. Chalk is one of the cheapest inventory items required for training. Many billiard establishments buy the cheapest product, often also its Chinese copy. But you have to pay for this. The cheap chalk should be applied after each shot. And even in this case, we cannot be insured against the miss. during the twist shot. Every chalking takes the precious time of the sportsman`s training. This just breaks the cue tip, becoming the reason for its rapid deterioration. And where are disappeared the remains of chalk? Of course on the billiards cloth! And those who at least once worked for table service, knows how much it cost then. So it turns out that the “cheapest” chalk becomes the most expensive. The chalk Sniper became the discovery for me , which is almost devoid of these drawbacks. It saves your cue tip intact, there is no crumbles and the most important that during the training it is easy enough for 20 shots or more. Definitely recommend! The chalk is in the box now, it`s very handy!

Yours sincerely, Bogdan Gudenko

Igor Gerenkov

Hello dear friend. The first samples of the chalk SNIPER have come, and now I’m actually just in a hurry to share my impressions of this product.
1. The chalk really doesn`t crumble as it was declared by the manufacturer. It is putted easily and evenly on the cue tip, and holds on it very well.
2. Structure – (this is my personal opinion, but it is identical with the opinion of all those who I have already suggested to try the chalk in) according with feels it is immediately realized that the chalk is very high quality, it is not as pretty as the gel Kamui and not so dry, as regular chalks. In general I can say that if there is happy medium, then the chalk Sniper has got access to it the most closely.
3. Packaging. The manufacturer rapidly responds to market wish, and if the first time the chalk was unpacked, now it is possible to buy it in interesting box with QR-code now, where on request you can fit either one or two Chalk right, of course packaging reflected in the price, but a little later on this. On customer request, in the box can be placed one or two chalks. Of course the packaging affects the price of the chalk, but I say some words about this a little later.
4. Durability on the cue tip is beyond praise, the chalk holds 15-20 shots from one chalking even at extreme twists. I do not think that in a responsible game someone will take the risk, but in terms of training, sometimes you do not want to be distracted by the constant chalking, and this really increases the useful activity coefficient.

ТSo active playing amateurs and professionals, order, try, win with the new chalk SNIPER, especially the price was made minimum, without reference to the volume: 1000 RUR for the chalk without box, 2,100 RUR – for the box with two chalks and 1,200 RUR for one chalk in individual box!

PS. On the approach is the shaft cleaner with wax and the butt cleaner without wax, and also the cue ball cleaner. someone may seem that these are not the things essentials in billiards, but personally I get the great pleasure playing clean billiards equipment.

Yours faithfully, Igor Gerenkov

Andrew Klestov

I started to play with new chalk Sniper and I liked it at once. Now I can do the shots, which I couldn`t do before. The ball does not reset after the short, it is easy to make shorts on the strong twists and there are no stains on the table. In general, I am very happy that the chalk Sniper is made and there is no reason to worry for the cue tip as for the short. I had played with other chalks before and often had happened the fall because of the chalk. I advise to everyone to play with this chalk!)

Sincerely, Andrew Klestov