Billiard chalk Sniper

Billiard chalk Sniper is the GENERATION PRODUCT CREATED FOR THE GROWTH OF YOUR GAME. You can achieve success only due to long and hard trainings. During the game many sportsmen face with the fact that it is necessary to put the chalk on the cue tip very often to avoid miscues. In this case the cue tip wears out very quickly, especially if the sportsmen uses the coarse chalk (master, triangle, predator, blue diamond), which crumbles very much on the billiard table cloth and thereby spoils it, because large granules of chalk scratch the wool cloth, eventually cutting it . The billiard sport chalk Sniper was created for solving these and many other problems. In conjunction with your tip it provides 15-20 shots, even at extreme screws. This fact significantly increases the efficiency of YOUR WORKOUT and reduces its cost, because there is no cue tip wearout and for the billiard clubs the billiard cloth deterioration is decreased in several times , thereby making YOU LOVING AND CARING CUSTOMER. The billiards Sports nanodispersed Chalk Sniper is very easy to handle and store, as its chemical formula allows you to monitor the moisture content level by itself in compliance with THE GENERALLY ACCEPTED STANDARTS of billiard equipment storage. For the care of clients the chalk Sniper is available in boxes from 2016.

1. The first world chalk, which is absolutely RESISTANT TO WET.

2. Your cue tip PERSISTS intact!!! thanks to NANO DISPERSITY of the chalk Sniper.

3. NO CHALK CRUMBLES on the cloth after the first three shots.

4. One tip chalking HOLDS 15-25 shots.

5. Balls are CLEANER while using the chalk Sniper.

6. One chalk Sniper lasts an average of 100 HARD pieces of training days of many WELL-KNOWN PROFESSIONALS for 4-5 hours per day.


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